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With autonomous vehicles taking off in the past several years, I wanted to explore one aspect that was necessary to create a good autonomous vehicle system, object detection. So what is it exactly? Best way to describe it is the “eyes of car”. As you see below, the vehicles’ cameras are feeding the autonomous system what objects it is seeing. In this case it is a person, pets, and other vehicles. The autonomous system then uses the information to make a decision to turn left, go straight, and etc. …

Can the sentiment of a Tweet drive the cryptocurrency market?

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As a believer in Bitcoin since 2017, I bought into that sentiment or “hype” and never let go. As I’m sure many of you are wondering why I didn’t just sell at that time, it is because I believe Bitcoin will drive the future of the monetary system and force a change in the current one. However, for the time being, the question still begs, what drives the current price of Bitcoin?

Lets first begin with a quick background on how I exactly…

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Alright! Back with another scoop within the Data Science World and HOW-IT- CAN-HELP-YOU!

Basically, we’re all tired of delayed flights (pre-COVID times, work with me here folks) and we all wonder 🤔

“Why does American Airlines keep telling me I’m sorry we can’t do anything”

That might’ve just cost me a shot with American

Basically, I wanted to focus on the flight departure delays from the New York City metro area. Why you ask?! Because well, if you’ve ever flown out of there you know how awful it can be. Think about it 20 million people live…

If you stumbled upon this article thinking we were going trade Pokemon cards and see who could name all 151 of the original Pokemon, you’re about 20 years late. However! If you stumbled upon this page thinking that I was going to share the beginnings of my Data Science journey then you are in the RIGHT place!

I have finally started my Data Ski-Ance journey!! I have been coding for a year and really needed a push. I needed to know that I was good enough and could do this for a living. Welp, I passed two entrance exams for…

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